Kilbourne Kaine At Oelmuehle

Geboren, 12 December 2015
Züchter, Mick und Glenis Peach
Besitzers: Oelmühle Kennel 

World Winner & BOB
BOS (both days) Donaueschhingen

 Kilbourne Tyne  Ch. Earl Grey von der Oelmühle  Ch. Modhish Archie McTavish of Oelmühle
Ch. Winona von der Oelmühle 
 Nimloth Brooke of Kilbourne  Kilbourne Hector to Oelmühle
 Rosslyn Pollie of Nimloth
Kilbourne Zoe  Nimloth Bilbo of Kilbourne  Ch. Kilbourne Hector to Oelmuehle 
Rosslyn Pollie of Nimloth 
Kenmilleven Pearl Essence   Doxhope Hamisch
 Kenmilquin Greylady

Our Deerhounds:
Kilbourne Kaine at Oelmūhle World Winner & BOB
(Kilbourne Tyne x Kilbourne Zoe)

Kilbourne oh Sweet Lorraine to Oelmuehle World Winner & BOS
(Earl Grey von der Oelmuehle x Kilbourne Wendela)

Thank you very much Mr Andre van den Broek for the Double.

Breeder: Mr Mick Peach & Mrs Glenis Peach
Owner: Jürgen Rösner-PapenfussFerhat KaleliViola Mueller & Wolfgang Müller

Thank you Karol Skowronek & Maarten Boot for perfect handling

Photos: Ferhat Kaleli

Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2018

the greatest Sighthound Show in Europe. 
A great show, a great succes, especially for us at the Oelmühle.

Under specialist judges Dr. F. Maison from France and the legendary Mr. E. Engh from Norway.

Our Deerhounds
Kilbourne Oh Sweet Lorraine to Oelmuehle was BOB (both days)
Kilbourne Kaine at Oelmuehle was BOS (both days)

But more....
On Saturday night,
Kilbourne Oh Sweet Lorraine was Best of the Best at the Eukanuba Supreme BIS challenge, awarded by a panel of distinguished international judges.

And more....
On Sunday,
Lorraine won BIS 2 under Mr. E. Engh out of almost 1600 Sighthound entries.

A great weekend

Congratulations to the breeder Mr M. & G Peach.
Owned by the Oelmühle Kennel and W. & V. Müller.
Handled by Maarten Boot & Karol Skowronek.
Photos by Anna Szabó , Francis Mcevoy & Ferhat Kaleli.

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